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In San Diego the term DUI is used to describe the broader offense known as drunk driving. There is often times confusion about the different abbreviations used in drunk driving related cases as well as the difference between a drunk driving lawyer and a DUI lawyer. We'll clear up some of the confusion here.

San Diego Drunk Driving Attorney

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence, and it could mean being under the influence of either alcohol and/or drugs including prescription medications. Different states and cities define their 'drunk driving' laws differently, albeit they are all discussing the same type of crime. The main point of differentiation is in the abbreviations used. Commonly lawyers and defense firms will describe themselves as drunk driving lawyers if their respective state government incorporates multiple abbreviations into the state DUI laws. So rather than advertise under all the different specific drunk driving violations they'll use the broader term of drunk driving.

So is There a Difference Between a Drunk Driving Lawyer and a DUI Lawyer?

In short, no. Basically, it's just a matter of how the attorney advertises or markets him/herself to the public based on the known way the state government describes their laws. The only major difference would be familiarity with the specifics of their respective drunk driving laws.

In San Diego you often see adverts for lawyers that bill themselves as DUI lawyers and some that describe themselves as Drunk Driving lawyers even though San Diego only uses the term DUI. This is because San Diego is such a hot bed for drunk driving offenses that advertising has gotten so competitive in this market that they need to try and differentiate themselves from the other attorneys advertising to the same people.

San Diego Drunk Driving Attorney

So in San Diego if you see advertisements for a 'San Diego Drunk Driving Lawyer' it is the same thing as a DUI lawyer. is a complete guide for DUI offenders in San Diego, CA. The site provides a free consultation with an aggressive San Diego DUI lawyer with a proven record of beating DUI cases here in San Diego. The site also provides legal information pertaining to every aspect of San Diego DUI.

San Diego Drunk Driving Attorney